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"You can only truly mind your business if there is no business to save"

Welcome to None Of Your Business or NOYB for short.

This game is meant to be the start of my Game Dev journey in this world. What that means is that it is a short game, that perhaps can't do a lot of features or perhaps does some features very inefficiently but I am learning and developing my skills. I had a great plan for this game with a massive story and lots of features but as development went on I realised I still lacked the skills necessary to make my dreams a reality. One day I will.

I hope you enjoy this game will follow my journey either via Twitteror YouTube.

Thank you and I look forward to reading your comments (good and bad!)

Last but not least, the thank you notes:

Thank you to Tomislav Arts one of my good friends who helped with art issues and play tested for me - check out his twitter https://twitter.com/tomislavartz - he is the best artist. - his Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jtomislav/

Thank you to Cade! Cade another of my good friends who is an aspiring 3D Model artist helped with play testing and giving me the inspiration to continue the project - check him out: https://twitter.com/CadeHiggins4 https://www.artstation.com/cadehiggins

Side Note:

At this current moment in time I am not sure how to save data (apart from score between levels) so going to the main menu at any point will reset your data - but the game is only short so I don't think this is much of an issue.


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WIN V1.0 - ZIP 17 MB
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Okay I didn't beat level 5, but the game is ssooo evil. I'm gonna try it again at some point soon xD

Ha! I am glad you appreciate the evilness of it :D

(Boring reason why it is evil: I thought design wise that if it is a short game it should have at least fun to play levels and fun for a short game like this means hard and evil!)